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Power Outage: Core Guide Book

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    Have you ever sat at a tiny table drinking tea with a queen? Have you fought off a horde of couch pirates with a valiant young captain by your side? Have you ever searched the wilds of a backyard jungle for buried treasure with a team of tiny explorers?. If so, then you've already played this game. This book is your guide to play in the world of Power Outage.    
    Power Outage is a world where kids get to be heroes, and you get to guide them on their journeys. It's a sprawling landscape that gives you complete control of the adventures you want to create. If you're interested in playing a game that feels like a classic comic book, try the futuristic neo-Japanese metropolis of Shorai City. If you want to run a gritty detective mystery, then plumb the depths of the Atomnyy Zavod's atomic-lit alleys. Want to attend a school of sandwich wizards in the heart of a sentient forest? The Overgrowth is calling.  
    The Power Outage Guidebook includes everything you need to run or play a game with kids or adults.  This book features:  
    • A complete unique set of game mechanics that features a choose-your-own-adventure  CAPE system (Combat, Alternative, Puzzle, Exploration) allowing  you to easily create  adventures, or travel through a published series.  
    • Simple, flexible and open-character creation that allows kids  to create  a unique hero tailored to their preferences.    
    • Over 100 villains and henchmen, plus the rich history, geography, plot hooks  and  roll tables for 5 different unique regions allow you to create any kind  of adventure you want.
    • A book loaded with puns and gags that make playing fun for kids and  adults.
    • Guidance on accessibility for children with disabilities, differentiation, and  use of the game as an educational or counseling aid.
    • A full adventure featuring 5 sessions worth of adventure in Shorai City.
    • So much more ¦
    So start gaming with your kids today! Ignite the spark of imagination and create a new generation of tabletop gamers.
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