Boulder: Metal D20 - Black with red font [nfboldrnightmare]

Boulder: Metal D20 - Black with red font [nfboldrnightmare]

  • Description

    Manufacturer's name is Nightmare Black

    Base Metal: Zinc Alloy

    Plating: Brushed Black Nickel

    Number Fill: Red Enamel

    We strongly recommend you roll this on a padded surface so it doesn't dent or crack your table.

    Large and in Charge

    Designed with the utmost attention to details, the Norse Foundry Boulder® D20 metal dice is the ideal addition to your collection. Exceptionally crafted, with pure 45mm zinc-alloy metal and clearly engraved numbers, our exclusive polyhedral dice will not only match but exceed  your highest expectations. The Boulder® will surely make the rest of the players pay attention when it comes your turn to roll. Orcs, kobolds, gnomes, goblins or skeletons; all of the enemies will fall before you with the might of your Boulder® metal dice rolling on your side.

    Taking RPG To Another Level

    Due to its heavy and well-balanced design along with pure size, the Boulder® will become your most trustworthy companion for your epic adventures. Perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and many other RPG games, this exquisite Norse Foundry dice is going to offer you a unique gaming experience. The Boulder® is the absolute best dice to rub it in your GM’s face when you’ve rolled a natural 20. You won’t regret having these dice on your side when it comes to those higher challenge rating enemies that you’ve succumbed to before. With the Boulder® you’ll be throwing them left and right out of your way to get the coveted prize at the end.

    Designed To Impress

    When it comes to professional gaming dice you should not compromise. With its elegant design, exquisitely engraved numbers and unique feel the Boulder® is going to add a touch of premium quality craftsmanship to your gaming sessions. Not only will this full metal dice elevate your game, but it will also make a thoughtful gift for their die hard gamers

    The Norse Foundry Seal of Approval

    Norse Foundry has been a pioneering provider of high-quality, exclusive gaming accessories for Role Playing adventures. Committed to providing you with the ideal blend of superior design, elite materials and competitive gamer friendly prices, Norse Foundry is your #1 choice.

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