Nemezis Galaxy

Nemezis Galaxy

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    Welcome back to the Horizon System. Load your plasma pistol, and  charge up your energy shield: it's time to explore the worlds you need  to save.

    Nemezis: Galaxy is a companion for Savage Worlds: Nemezis, presenting  
    in further detail the worlds of the Horizon System - and beyond, to  the colonized planets of the Saggitarius Arm.
    - survive in the freezing hell of Ash thanks to secrets of the  Syndicate, and learn new rules for improving your guns
    - learn more about the glorious (and not-so-glorious) past of Bariz
    - join the elite troops of Cor, from the iconic Red Devils to  undefeatable Golden Eagles
    ... and much more!

    (Some of this materials were sold as the Ash, Cor and Bariz  sourcebooks - if you bought them, you will receive a special discount  for Galaxy).

    If the secrets of the Horizon system aren't enough for you, now you  can learn how the Galaxy looks like after the destruction of Earth.  
    - discover the Archipelago, one of the greatest powers in the  
    Saggitarius Arm, or the backwater Blue Wave - hiding dark secrets
    - learn how alien humans can become, whether on psi-dominated Mzuzu or  on cyborgized Sparta
    - discover the worlds that failed: war-torn Copernicus or Alvernia,  slave-world of the dark gods

    And to top all that, how about some savage adventures to test your  
    mettle? Face cultists, cyborgs, and demonic beings, and discover what  the galaxy of Nemezis has in store for you...

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