Narosia Sea of Tears

  • Description

    Betrayal. Hubris. Punishment. Revenge. Subjugation. Salvation. Cataclysm. Perseverance. Hope.

    This is  Narosia   a world where cosmic forces vie for control and mortal beings struggle to reclaim past glories, hordes of Fel creatures threaten to escape Deepland prisons, and demonic Voidspawn stalk the world's wilds and ruins. Those who venture forth seek fame and fortune, courting death, honoring the profession of adventurer, and ultimately bringing hope to those without.

    Action Fantasy Roleplaying

    Narosia  adventures focus on competent characters overcoming larger than life obstacles with a backdrop of magic, monsters, and gods. You control your every move without getting lost in a sea of repetition, using a comprehensive action and combat system to enable over-the-top action, with called shots, grappling, and dynamic defenses.

    Players Control The Gods To Influence The Plot

    The gods meddle, and the players have a  set of cards  that allow them to say how a specific god influences the story  if they can explain the god's motivation.

    An Entire World Of Adventure Awaits

    Narosia:    Sea of Tears  is a roleplaying game for two to eight players. Through a blend of imagination and rules the players will create the story of their heroes as they move through this world, having fun in the process.

    • Distinct magic systems for divine and arcane powers
    • Detailed cultures and races integrated into the story of the world
    • Setting-specific martial arts
    • Comprehensive skills and abilities to define any character
    • Battle-tested system that scales from commoner to demi-god
    • Bestiary that expands on the 300+ creatures from HERO System Bestiary
    • Over 30 years of HERO System material to draw from (180+ sourcebooks)
    • Ready to print GM Screen panels

    Whatever your interest  dungeon delving, intrigue, or exploration  Narosia  provides a rich background for the legends you forge.

    Additional Support

    • HERO Designer Character Pack available, include racial templates, cultural and adventurer packages, spells, orisons, and equipment.
    • Character Sheets available for download
    • Complimentary download  of Divine Intervention Cards in PDF format for print, cut, and play at home
    • Poker-sized cards available  (no need to print and cut 165 cards)
    • iOS App as a digital GM Screen and Combat Tracker
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