Deathwatch Bikers

Deathwatch Bikers

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    Unstoppable battering rams, the Bikers of the Deathwatch are far from subtle. Revelling in their role as shock troopers, riding to war side by side, they can smash through a battle line and shatter even the most carefully planned xenos defenses with a twist of their throttles. Built to traverse the most hostile alien worlds with raw brute force, their engines tuned to deliver maximum raw power, Deathwatch Bikers run their quarry to ground with a grim pleasure ‚ “ speed and violence are their watchwords in the struggle against that which would wipe mankind from the galaxy.

    This kit contains the components necessary to assemble 5 Deathwatch Bikers, with their twin-linked boltguns and close combat weapons. It comprises 5 Space Marine Bikers, plus a Deathwatch Upgrade Frame ‚ “ this contains 10 Space Marine shoulder pads and 2 Terminator Armour shoulder pads with Deathwatch insignia, a Sergeant chest plate, 2 variant helmets, a power sword, a small backpack icon and 2 large vehicle icons, meaning you'll have plenty of spare bits with which to assemble your perfect Kill Team!

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