Custom Battlefoam-Doug

Custom Battlefoam-Doug

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    x1 The Warmachine Bag SKU:BF-PPBW-BE

    x1 Victor Colossal Foam Tray SKU:BF-PPF5-VCLS

    x2 Warmachine/Hordes Warjack Warbeast Half Foam Tray (3 inch version) BF-PPF5-WW3

    x1 Warmachine/Hordes Tall Model Foam Tray SKU: BF-PPF-TM

    x1 Warmachine/Hordes Small Troop TraySKU: BF-PPF-ST

    x1 Oversized Medium Troop Foam Tray SKU: BF-PPF-OMT

    x1 Oversized Small Troop Foam Tray SKU: BF-PPF-OST

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