Cribbage inlaid walnut hinge top

Cribbage inlaid walnut hinge top

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    Cribbage, a favorite card game to many, was created in 17th Century England. This game that perfectly combines skill and luck will provide you with endless hours of entertainment! Cribbage is a card game that involves forming combinations of cards over a series of hands to accumulate points. Points are mainly scored by runs (sequential cards, regardless of suit); by pairs, triples and quadruples (cards of same rank); by flushes (cards in the same suit); and by combinations of cards that add up to 15. 29 is highest possible points in your hand. It is generally played by two people, but can be played by three (as individuals), four (as two two-person teams), or six (as three two-person teams). Cribbage requires the use of a scoring board. Each player moves two pegs up the outside and down the inside of the board -the front peg shows the current score and the back peg shows the previous score eliminating the possibility of scoring mistakes. This beautiful 3-Track set has an 11 inch x 3.5 inch walnut board with a stylish inlay. It also includes storage for 2 Decks of playing cards and 6 metal pegs, which are included.

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