The Dinosaur Princess (Dinosaur Lords, 3) [Milan, Victor]

The Dinosaur Princess (Dinosaur Lords, 3) [Milan, Victor]

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    Victor Milan's ‚  The Dinosaur Princess ‚  is a thrilling epic fantasy adventure set in an alternative world of intrigue, beauty, brutality ¢ € ¦and dinosaurs.

    WELCOME TO PARADISE: ‚  A primordial world with every species of dinosaur, large and small. And humans, who were brought to this world on the whim of the gods. ‚  Knights ride into battle on Triceratops; their heroes lead them on T-Rexes.

    Karyl Bogomirskiy is one such hero. Once, he held power. Betrayed by those closest to him, he was resurrected by the Fae, magical beings native to the world, who seek to use him in their eternal battle against alien gods. Karyl just wants to be left in peace, reluctant to be anyone's tool, much less a savior.

    But the gods have returned to judge their human experiment and to finally rid the planet of the Fae. And while Karyl doesn't feel like a hero, he's humanity's last best hope.

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