Dragon Variation (Liaden Universe Novels, 1-3) [Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve]

Dragon Variation (Liaden Universe Novels, 1-3) [Lee, Sharon; Miller, Steve]

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    Back in Print at Last: The First Three Novels in the Top-Selling Liaden Universe(R) Space Adventure Series: Local Custom, Scout's Progress and Conflict of Honors.

    Three space adventure novels in the popular Liaden Universe(R) series in one popularly-priced Omni edition:

    Local Custom--Master Trader Er Thom yos'Galan knows that Liaden custom is to be matched with a proper bride and provide his clan, Korval, with an heir. Yet his heart is immersed in another universe, influenced by another culture, and lost to a woman not of his world. And to take a Terran wife such as scholar Anne Davis is to risk both his honor and reputation--not to mention the lives of loved ones.

    Scout's Progress--Aelliana Caylon is a brilliant mathematician, revered by pilots for the life-saving revisions she brought to the ven'Tura Piloting Tables. Despite this, her home life is terrifying, as the target of her elder brother's spite and her mother's indifference. Convinced that she has no recourse, Aelliana endures, until, on a dare, she plays a game of chance and wins a spaceship. Suddenly she has a way to escape her drab life - if she can qualify as a pilot, and survive her brother's abuse.

    Conflict of Honors--Declared legally dead by a High Priestess of the Goddess and abandoned by her mother, Priscilla Delacroix has roamed the galaxy for ten years, surviving and becoming a woman of extraordinary skills. Now, she's been betrayed and abandoned once again, left on a distant planet by the Liaden starship on which she had been an important officer. But she's not alone: starship captain Shan yos'Galan has his own score to settle with the same enemy and is about to offer her an alliance.

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