Mystic Dragon (Mystic Trilogy, 2) [Denzel, Jason]

Mystic Dragon (Mystic Trilogy, 2) [Denzel, Jason]

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    Mystic Dragon: ‚  The enchanting epic fantasy novel from Jason Denzel, the founder of Dragonmount.

    Seven years have passed since lowborn Pomella AnDone became an unlikely Mystic's apprentice.

    Though she has achieved much in a short time, as a rare celestial event approaches, Pomella feels the burden of being a Mystic more than ever. The Mystical realm of Fay ƒ ¼n is threatening to overtake the mortal world, and as the two worlds slowly blend together, the land is thrown into chaos. People begin to vanish or are killed outright, and Mystics from across the world gather to protect them. Among them is Shevia, a haunted and brilliant prodigy whose mastery of the Myst is unlike anything Pomella has ever seen.

    Shevia will challenge Pomella in every possible way, from her mastery of the Myst to her emotional connection with Pomella's own friends--and as Shevia's dark intentions become more clear, Pomella fears she may be unstoppable.

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