Makers (new edition) [Doctorow, Cory]

Makers (new edition) [Doctorow, Cory]

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    From Cory Doctorow, the ‚  New York Times ‚  bestselling author of ‚  Little Brother, the repackaged trade paperback of ‚  Makers, a ‚  novel of the booms, busts, and further booms in store for America "now with a new cover!

    Perry and Lester invent things "seashell robots that make toast, Boogie Woogie Elmo dolls that drive cars. They also invent entirely new economic systems, like the "New Work," a New Deal for the technological era. Barefoot bankers cross the nation, microinvesting in high-tech communal mini-startups like Perry and Lester's. Together, they transform the country, and Andrea Fleeks, a journo-turned-blogger, is there to document it.

    Then it slides into collapse. The New Work bust puts the dot.combomb to shame. Perry and Lester build a network of interactive rides in abandoned Wal-Marts across the land. As their rides, which commemorate the New Work's glory days, gain in popularity, a rogue Disney executive grows jealous, and convinces the police that Perry and Lester's 3D printers are being used to run off AK-47s.

    Hordes of goths descend on the shantytown built by the New Workers, joining the cult. Lawsuits multiply as venture capitalists take on a new investment strategy: backing litigation against companies like Disney. Lester and Perry's friendship falls to pieces when Lester gets the ¢ € ˜fatkins' treatment, turning him into a sybaritic gigolo.

    Then things get really interesting.

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