P.E.R.K. The Pretty Easy Roleplaying Kit Core Rule Book

  • Description

    P.E.R.K. is a low-cost, rules-lite role playing system with in-depth stretegy and a huge array of character options. The goal of P.E.R.K. was to come up with a game that was easy enough for new players to learn and follow along while at the same time allowing more experienced players to enjoy themselves and be mentally stimulated as well. The ending result, we feel, is a system that beautifully balances game play in an original and intuitive way using a fast and simple set of rules that still allow for an impressive amount of character customization and variance between personal play styles. The Core Rulebook provides the basic rules to the system and generic modern and medival fantasy content but can be used for any setting/world and can be easily adapted to any character type.

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