Boiling Point

Base Raiders Boiling Point Fate RPG

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    Boiling Point is an adventure for the Base Raiders superhero RPG a FATE system game.Alien Shark Warriors threaten to invade the Earth from a secret portal under the ocean. Find it before it's too late! It begins with an investigation of a new drug dealer. Lukas has been selling super soldier drugs acquired from a mysterious base. The player characters are asked to find the base by finding Lukas. The base was the underwater home of a superhero named Hot Water, who disappeared over a year ago. He left behind a treasure trove of gadgets and a portal to another universe. A race of alien shark warriors has escaped from the portal. So far, they are trapped in the base, but that won't last long. The heroes will need to find the base and stop the aliens before it's too late.Boiling Point mixes investigation, exploration, combat, and social conflicts for a perfect blend of excitement and fun.

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