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    For the first time in thousands of years, the Aztlani people speak of a unified land. The three old nations vie for dominance of their splintered empire, and their ambitions consume all who walk these lands.

    This book contains material for 7th Sea: 2nd Edition including new mechanics for environmental hazards, Backgrounds, Advantages, Arcana, Stories, Dueling styles, and Sorceries.

    The New World also includes the three Nations of the former Aztlan Empire:  
    Anatol Ayh, an militaristic alliance of cities devoted to the same four gods  
    Tzak K'an, a group of disparate city-states bound together by their shared culture living amongst dense jungles and ancient Syrneth ruins  
    Kuraq, a nation led by a single Empress devoted to the dead god, Supay, and the undead nobles who serve her

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