TerrainCrate: Town Square [MGCTC180]

TerrainCrate: Town Square [MGCTC180]

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  • Description

    This set contains 68 unpainted pieces to furnish a table top town square setting. The scale is 28 30mm, making them perfect for many fantasy and historical games. The pieces are cast in high quality plastic and are preassembled, ready to play straight out of the box.


    • 2x Store Shelves
    • 2x Cash Registers
    • 2x Pile of Parcels
    • 2x Newspapers
    • 2x Scales
    • 2x Stack of Tins
    • 2x Store Counters
    • 2x Small Jars
    • 2x Large Jars
    • 2x Signposts
    • 2x Lampposts
    • 2x Cafe Table with Parasol
    • 4x Wicker Chairs
    • 2x Hydrant
    • 2x Advertising Board
    • 2x Bicycle
    • 2x Mailbox
    • 1x Statue
    • 1x Market Stall (multiple components)
    • 1x Phonebox
    • 2x Wheelbarrows
    • 2x Cracked Plant Pots
    • 2x Plant Pots
    • 2x Bushes
    • 2x Watering Cans
    • 2x Wooden sided plant beds
    • 2x Garden Benches
    • 2x Waterbarrels
    • 2x Squirrels!
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