D&D IotR: Storm King’s Thunder – Box #1 [WZK96124]

D&D IotR: Storm King’s Thunder – Box #1 [WZK96124]

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    The classic Storm King’s Thunder adventure deserves collectible miniatures of epic proportions, and WizKids delivers with three box sets of 14 iconic characters from Faerun’s realm of giants!

    Box 1 contains literally huge representations of King Hekaton, Queen Neri, and Eigeron’s Spirit and medium-sized Xolkin Alassandar and Lord Khaspere Drylund.

    Set includes:

    • King Hekaton
    • Queen Neri
    • Eigeron’s Spirit
    • Xolkin Alassandar
    • Lord Khaspere Drylund
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