D&D 5E: Warlock Grimoire 2

D&D 5E: Warlock Grimoire 2

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    Darkly Fantastic Material for the World’s First RPG

    Within these dusty pages, uncover the secrets of the world—indeed, of the branches of the multiverse! Collected here are entire lost volumes of esoteric truths. Only for you, the Warlock Grimoire 2.
    Dark revelations and wondrous testimonials of dark fantasy monsters and magic, locales and lore of Midgard:
    Details on the indefatigable halflings: the winterfolk, riverfolk, and courtfolk
    Explosive realities of dwarven firearms and airships
    Hidden vaults filled with treasure and danger
    Potent magics and professions from the trenches of wartime
    Magic-slinging NPCs to fill any role, ready to go
    An epidemic of automata and a proliferation of clockwork druids
    Ancient and mysterious vril-powered artifacts
    Gothic horrors of the Blood Kingdom, vampires and more
    Boss monsters to capstone any adventure
    Even a tour of the Eleven Hells and the infernal crossroads town of Smoke
    Plus 10 subclasses, 7 backgrounds, 9 feats, 29 complete NPCs, 2 diseases, 24 spells & invocations, 96 magic items & equipment, 42 monsters, and much more!

    The Warlock Grimoire 2 presents the content from issues 11–19 of Warlock and includes an entire issue’s worth of new, never-before-seen lore and game elements, including both the mysteriously desolated Southlands city of Iram and the secrets of Grandmother herself, Baba Yaga.

    Uncover the truths of dark fantasy for the Midgard campaign setting—or for the worlds of your own creation!
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