Go Gecko Go!

Go Gecko Go!

  • Description

    The game is a swimming competition and everything is topsy-turvy.

    You will need to manage the swim teams! The swim teams are comprised of animals: frogs, crocodiles, geckos, and turtles!

    Be careful. The frog may paddle on top of the crocodile. The turtle may be a great raft for any gecko! Beware: There's a bridge ahead! Duck your head!!! ‚ ¦ Otherwise‚ ¦‚ ¦ Splat, you will end up in the water! If you aim too high, you'll splash into the water and fail.

    You'll end up ahead if you stack your animals cleverly, assess the heights correctly and slip under bridges when others hit their head.

    A clever and fast-paced three-dimensional playing experience!

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