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    Guided by your neighbor, you have thirty seconds ‚  to get out of this cursed forest. The further you ‚  go, the more you fall into new traps that you will ‚  need to avoid on the next attempt: cut through ‚  spiderwebs with the knife, pinch your nose ‚  to cross the river, toss a bone to distract the ‚  wolf ¢ € ¦.
    If you get lost or fall into a trap, you must start ‚  again from the beginning. And at the end of ‚  your allotted time, the next player gets to try ‚  their luck. Keep your cool, and memorize your ‚  route, so you don't make the same mistakes ‚  when your turn comes around again!
    The first player to get out of the forest and return ‚  home wins the game. As for the other players....

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