Nebula Spring with white font 7 Dice Set Glow [CHX27555]

Nebula Spring with white font 7 Dice Set Glow [CHX27555]

  • Description

    New Chessex Nebula dice, release date mid February 2021. These have the Chessex "Luminary" effect, which glows under a blacklight.

    These dice were so successful as Lab Dice they are coming back as a regular color in Chessex's line of dice!  Their old number was "Lab Dice 2: CHX30018".  The new color is a slightly altered color of CHX30018.

    Note on the color: The original Lab Dice version came out a little different from the original samples of this color. The intent was to have it a mixture of light greens (to represent the new growth of spring) and orange (to represent the warmer weather caused by having more sun during the day). Unfortunately, the final dice that were made for the Lab Dice did not seem to have enough orange in them. For the normal production, we increased the amount of orange in these dice. That is why Chessex states the color mix was "Altered."

    Item pictures will be updated as soon as we get them from Chessex.

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