T.I.M.E Stories : The Heiden File [Lambert, Christopher]

T.I.M.E Stories : The Heiden File [Lambert, Christopher]

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    The official novel of the best science fiction narrative game,  T.I.M.E Stories!

    It is the year 2468. Spotted by a recruiter, Tess Haiden passed the many tests required to join a highly secretive organisation with flying colours. But she is in for a shock: T.I.M.E Agency has been sending agents through time for several years. Thanks to considerable resources, they prevent anomalies and paradoxes by dispatching their agents to different eras and places around the world. But over the course of her many missions, Tess learns that they are not the only ones using these time corridors, and she begins to wonder about the true nature of the T.I.M.E agency €¦

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