Bohnanza Ladies And Gangsters

Bohnanza Ladies And Gangsters

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    Bohnanza: Ladies & Gangsters  is an English language compilation of two stand-alone  Bohnanza  games previously available only in German:  Ladybohn: Manche m ¶gen's heiss!  and  Al Cabohne.

    Ladies  is a three- to five-player game that includes female versions of the beans used in  Bohnanza. You get more money if a field is harvested with a lady bean as the top card. You get no money if a field is harvested with a baby bean on top. There are some new rules about reordering beans on the fields.

    Gangsters  is a one- or two-player game where you must pay off the Bean Mafia. Each turn, the Bean Mafia will take beans from your fields if yours match what they are growing. They will also take matching cards when drawn. This game also includes a few new beans with irregular beanometers.

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