Sale: TerrainCrate: GMs Dungeon Starter Set (2020) [MGTC0102]

Sale: TerrainCrate: GMs Dungeon Starter Set (2020) [MGTC0102]

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    This set is an extension of the hugely popular TerrainCrate range of fantasy scenery. Following its official retail launch in 2018, one of the pieces of feedback Mantic Games received from customers is that they wanted to see some fantasy miniatures included alongside the scenery. This is a new Dungeon starter with different contents for 2020.

    After all, a GM carefully penning a new adventure can often be inspired by miniatures in their collection. Following this feedback, Mantic looked at the minis already available as part of the Dungeon Saga line-up and realised they actually had many of the typical fantasy tropes already covered ‚ “ skeletons, zombies, goblins, orcs, demons, trolls which all match perfectly with the incredible TerrainCrate Scenery

    69 dungeon terrain pieces
    10 doors
    1 Huge Dragon
    4 heroes
    18 Monster models

    All models are unpainted.
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