Carcassonne Gold Rush stand alone

Carcassonne Gold Rush stand alone

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  • Description

    Carcassonne: Gold Rush  is an exciting tile-laying game set during the gold rush of the Wild West.

    The Wild West - An unknown frontier stretches out before us. Construction of the first railroad lines has begun and the tireless work of the settlers is finally paying off as they leave their tents behind to prosper in the thriving cities that you helped to build. Trading with the natives is a lucrative affair and wild horses are especially valuable. But watch out, there's gold in them hills! Everyone's looking to get rich quick, so get to the mountains before the others mine them dry.  

    In the Box:  
    €¢ 72 Land Tiles  
    €¢ 25 Cowboys  
    €¢ 5 Tents  
    €¢ 1 Scoreboard  
    €¢ 1 Rulebook  
    €¢ 63 Mining Tokens  

    2-5 Players, Ages 8 and up.

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