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Godlike Black Devils Brigade

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    Black Devils Brigade is the first full-length adventure campaign for GODLIKE: Superhero Roleplaying in a World on Fire, the critically acclaimed game of deadly action and superheroic courage in World War 2. It lets you and your players tell the story of the Americans and Canadians who made up the First Special Service Force, or—as they became known to their opponents—the Black Devils Brigade.The Black Devils earned their nickname from the German soldiers in the battle for Italy. For every Forceman killed, they killed 25 of the enemy. For every Forceman captured, they captured 2,035 prisoners. Their silent nighttime raids left only enemy corpses behind—corpses and a mocking sticker that declared “The worst is yet to come.” Black Devils Brigade includes:• Character creation guidelines that reflect the unique background and training of the FSSF, and eight pregenerated characters ready for play.• New rules for esprit de corps, a special kind of character motivation stemming from the Forcemen’s deep camaraderie and shared history.• New skills to flesh out noncombat challenges—Bureaucracy, Carousing, Family and Foraging—that can improve characters’ lot during the war.• Rules for sneak attacks, silent death, artillery bombardment and minefields.• “One Roll Patrols” to detail an instant mission with one roll of the dice.• FUBAR! Rules to feature the bizarre, unpredictable mishaps of battle.• Enough adventures for months of thrilling gaming, from the carnage of Anzio to the streets of Rome itself!These are the killing fields of the Italian campaign. It’s time to create your legend.Black Devils Brigade is written by Allan Goodall and illustrated by Todd Shearer.

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