Shinobigami - Modern Ninja Battle RPG

Shinobigami - Modern Ninja Battle RPG

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    Shinobigami - God of the Shinobi - is a tabletop Role-Playing game originally developed and published in Japan by legendary designer Toichiro Kawashima, and gorgeously illustrated by the talented Shie Nanahara, Shinobigami is a fast one-session RPG focusing on character drama, stories of conflict and cooperation, and light tactical strategy in a dark modern "World of Shadows" setting where mysterious ninja exist and engage in inter-clan conflict in an ongoing hidden cold war. 

    The overall effect is a very easy-to-learn game that is equal parts Story-driven RPG, German-style board game, and Secret identity/role game (like Werewolf or Coup): With a few friends, you together create a dramatic story that starts and ends in the course of just a few hours (one evening). From there, you can revisit the same characters or make new characters, and create another tale set in the Ninja Cold War.

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