Pasion de las Pasiones

Pasion de las Pasiones (Ashcan Edition)

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    Sit on the couch with la familia and turn on Pasi ³n de las Pasiones, a role-playing game of desire, betrayal, and family inspired by the telenovelas of Latin America. You'll play the heroes, lovers, schemers, and villains of the world's most dramatic and exciting telenovela: Pasi ³n de las Pasiones. At the same time, you'll also play a Latino family gasping, jeering, and swooning at home.

    Lies will be exposed, plots will be shattered, hearts will be broken. If you're lucky, maybe you'll even throw El General ­simo off a boat and get a happy ending filled with flowers, dancing, and romance. Of course, never ˜happy' or ˜ending' enough to stop tomorrow's episode from plunging you back into the fray.

    Because if you didn't see the body, they'll be back.

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