Of Mice and Minestrone [Lansdale, Joe R]

Of Mice and Minestrone [Lansdale, Joe R]

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    Today’s Special: Justice, East Texan-Style

    Hap Collins looks like a good ol’ boy. But even in his misspent youth, his best pal is Leonard Pine, who is black, gay, and the ultimate outsider. Inseparable friends, Hap and Leonard climb into the boxing ring, visit their families, get in bar fights, and just go fishing―all the while confronting racists, righting wrongs, and eating a whole lot of delicious food.

    So pull up a seat and sit a spell. Master storyteller Joe R. Lansdale―along with Kasey Lansdale’s down-home recipes and Kathleen Kent’s introduction―has cooked up a new passel of tales for you about the unlikeliest duo East Texas has to offer, created by his own self.
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